STARFEST, APRIL 24-26, 2003

When my Lex action figure overheard me talking to my friends about taking a road trip to the Starfest Sci-Fi and Comics Con in Denver this Spring, he asked if he could come with us and, of course, bring my Clark action figure along. I can't say no to Lex, but Clark pretended to take just a little more convincing, calling Lex a "comics geek" and asking if he was going to dress up as a Klingon. But Clark would never have turned down a chance for road trip with Lex, so he finally quit kidding around and off we all went to Denver. It was quite an experience!

All packed for the trip.
The boys settled into the back seat for the long drive to Denver.
Lex was whispering, so we couldn't tell what he was saying. 
But Clark sure seemed to approve! 
We stopped at a truck stop a bit north of Oklahoma City.  
Lex still has very fond memories of Red!Clark on his dad's motorcycle, so he bought Clark a little secret present. We promised not to tell.
And in the very early hours of the morning, we took a break for coffee at a MacDonald's in Colby, Kansas. Clark made a quick call to Jon and Martha and Lex made a generous donation. 

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