STARFEST, APRIL 24-26, 2003

Sunday -- time to say goodbye and head home.

Sunday breakfast, before the long trip home.
More new friends.
They had to have their picture taken with the Sinclair Dinosaur.
Near the Colorado/Kansas border, Lex found some sparkly purple Kryptonite.
We think it might make Clark more gay, but frankly, it was hard to tell. Lex is still conducting experiments.
After dinner at Applebee's, Cory the Assistant Manager
let the boys have their picture taken
with the Kansas Wesleyan sports team picture.
A new friend in Salina, Kansas!

That's it, folks! The boys tell me that while they were very glad to get home and get some rest together, they are ready for their next adventure. I think Clark is keeping his bag packed!

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