Title: Cruiser
Author: Mlle Elizabeth
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Pairing: Lex/Lana
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Smallville is property of Millar & Gough, TRP, Ink and the WB. The original Superman concept is property of DC Comics and Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster . I'm just temporarily borrowing their characters for fun, rather than profit.
Summary and/or challenge: Post-Accelerate mean, nasty Lexana
NOTE: I don't like Smallville's version of Lana Lang. And in my little universe, Lex doesn't either, really. But he finds her fun to mess with.

"You can leave the files on the table, Lana. Go upstairs to my bedroom, undress and wait for me on the bed."

Okay, Lex was like this sometimes and she could handle it. Actually, something in her secretly liked his "quietly dominant" mood. Usually when he was in this mood he worked a bit more while she waited for him upstairs, then joined for some pretty spectacular sex. When he was like this he usually didn't speak to her much, but she always got her clit licked or rubbed and he always fucked her and she always got off. She didn't always need him to talk to her, to make her feel good about what they were doing. She could do this.

She followed Lex's orders easily. And when Lex finally joined her and sat, still clothed in a leather chair facing the bed, it seemed easy enough for him to phone Gabe while she watched and tell him Lana finished up at the Talon late and still had some work to do at his office, so would be staying the night.

Phone call finished, Lex simply sat and looked at her for what felt like hours. At last, just before she started to ask, he spoke. "Remember what I did to you last time, Lana?"

Lana nodded, slowly, her brows furrowed in question.

"Get busy."


"You heard me."

"You want me to Ö to myself?"

Lex smiled and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, he fixed his gaze on her and stated quietly, "It's not a request, Lana."

"Oh." She wasn't really sure what she was going to do. Her body was desperate to comply, but Lana wasn't used to touching herself and she wasn't used to Lex bossing her around during sex. Not to mention she'd never, ever touched herself with someone watching She didn't want to annoy him and perhaps make him loose interest in her and what he was asking of her wasn't exactly something she was unwilling to do. But she wasn't sure how to do this, how to please him without him participating. And she'd never had to deal with a Lex that was quite this authoritative. It was exciting, in a scary-new-thing way.

Lex hadn't moved. He sat up straight, hands folded lazily in his lap, not bothering to hide the bulge in his slacks. The expression on his face hadn't changed. Lana couldn't break eye contact.

"I," Lana started, not sure how she would finish a sentence, if she even could.

"Do you need me to remind you?"

"I, yes, please," Lana replied, with considerable relief. It wasn't that she needed reminding, really. She remembered every touch, had played them over and over in her head while washing dishes and listening to boring teachers. She just couldn't make herself talk or move.

"Okay, I pushed your legs apart with my hands. Remember that?"

Lana nodded.

"Do it."

Lana blinked, couldn't move.

Lex didn't move either.

Finally, even though convinced that even by doing this she was crossing a line she didn't think she had wanted to cross, Lana reached down with both of her hands and pushed her own thighs apart. She then looked to Lex for something, approval, further direction, maybe. At this point, she was afraid to ask questions, now for fear of breaking the mood, and the tension between them, rather than for fear of Lex becoming annoyed.

At last, as if he sensed her need for a response, Lex nodded, an almost-smile playing on his lips. "Then with my right hand, I opened you, your lips. Do that for me, Lana."

This time Lana nodded, biting her lips, slightly. She moved her right hand from its position on her right thigh and did as she was told, spreading her labia apart.

After another pause, Lex nodded again and said, "with your other hand, using just your middle finger, stroke your clit, very lightly. Don't stop doing it until I tell you to."

When she hesitated, he added, "I know you're right handed, but it's not complicated, Lana. Do it."

She did. It was weird, but it was good weird, and it was building up to climax all too quickly. "Don't look away and don't come."

"Uh Ö wha?" was all she could manage. Somehow his voice, his command, brought her even closer to orgasm. She didnít stop, though. Eyes still on him, she continue rubbing herself until it became too much and, desperation filling her voice, she cried, "Oh god, Lex, I can't not."

"You can. You will."

"No, Lex, I can't!"

Lex was out of the chair and on top of her before she even finished her sentence. She felt her hands above her head, pushed into the mattress by his and his legs pushing hers apart. They remained like that, neither speaking, until Lana's heart slowed and her clit quit throbbing and the moment when she was about to come had passed.

Smiling in victory, Lex let go of her hands and returned to the chair. He calmly folded his hands in his lap again and said, "Again."

"How long are we going to do this?" she asked.

"Until I've had enough," Lex answered.


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