STARFEST, APRIL 24-26, 2003

Saturday's Events.

They kept us up all night on Friday
and then were too tired to get out of bed on Saturday!
They finally joined us for breakfast,
but Clark was in the mood to eat something else.
Next stop was the Dealers' Room.
The boys were fascinated by the costume maker's table.
Lex was searching for rare Warrior Angel comics. They didn't find any, but they did find a few others of interest.
Luthor Corp. seems to have branched out into a new field.

There were lots of people in Star Wars costumes.
Lex met Darth Vader!

The boys even waited in the autograph line with us for a while. Then they snuck off for more time alone.
They returned for the question and answer session in the auditorium with big smiles on their faces.
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